Card Printing Specification
  • 09 Mar 2022
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Card Printing Specification

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Important notes on preparing artwork for printing


  • Color may vary 5% ~ 10% from the actual artwork and the finished product.
  • Matt or Glossy finishes may resulted in color differences.

QR code and serial number

  • Recommended white base with black print for QR code and serial number.
  • Minimum size of 12mm x 12mm on QR code for better scanning.
  • Minimum Font size of 6pt on serial number for better reading.

Final Artwork

  • Artwork should be in *AI/ *PDF /*EPS with CMYK color
  • Texts should be converted to outlines
  • Minimum of 3-5mm Breed area given
  • Good contrast of Background and Text content
  • All devices produce different colors with same values of CMYK, A same value of x does not guarantee same color.
  • Color output from screen to screen vary on screen color settings.
  • A Final artwork image reference in *PDF/ *JPG/ *TIFF file format.


Area allowance guide

  • Trim Line: Where the printer will cut your image.
  • Bleed: The area beyond the trim line that extends printing to the edge.
  • Safety Line: The border that contains all printable text.


You may download. PDF as reference here:

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