Contact Tracing Setup (Smart Form)
  • 04 Mar 2022
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Contact Tracing Setup (Smart Form)

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What is Contact Tracing Form?


Is a form that Eber created in response to the current pandemic which businesses can use to:

  • help identify relevant contacts who might be infected
  • build customer experience and confidence

How does it work?

  • Check out the video on the user flow.
  • Note: This feature currently works on ipad (iOS)

Creating Contact Tracing Form

1. Go to Playbooks => Smart Form. Create a new form and select type as Anonymous.


2. Give your form a name, fill up the necessary fields, and save. A new form will be created.

3. Click on the pencil to edit the newly created form.


4. Create new questions for your form via the 7 available formats (Text, Date, Yes/No, Single Choice-Dropdown list, Multiple Choice, NPS, Rating)

5. Next, head to Channels => Store App => Buttons and enable the Smart Form button on your Store App. You may rename the button accordingly.


6. Select the smart form that you created in Steps 1-4 and save!


7. Your Contact Tracing Form is now ready and you can start using it via Store App and Web App!

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