Creating Rewards
  • 15 Jun 2022
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Creating Rewards

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The best way to retain a customer is to offer them a reward for their loyalty. Here are the steps to guide you on how to create rewards for your customers/consumers via the backend which will be reflected on WebApp. The following rewards are as such: Welcome/Birthday/Anniversaries/Referral.

After login:

➮ Loyalty > Rewards > + Create (Refer to the image below)

General tab

➮ Select "Active" Status > Reward Type: [Standard / POS] (Refer to the image below)
Note: Welcome/Birthday/Anniversary rewards will be part under Standard Type. Thus, please kindly ignore Birthday and Anniversary Type under the Dropdown list.

➮ Input Reward Title, Points Needed, and Upload Image of the Reward. [1200 pixel x 758 pixels] (Refer to the image below)
Note: under Points Needed - "X" no. of points required, when the reward involved points redemption. Otherwise, you may set it as 0.

➮ Input Reward Description, and Terms & Conditions. (Refer to the image below)

➮ Select the following option from Enable Claim/Use Button dropdown list. (Refer to the image below) 

Note: This refers to how you would like your member to claim and redeem the reward. Click here (Claim and Redeem Rewards Option) for detailed information.

➮ Select the following option from Passcode to Confirm Usage dropdown list. (Refer to the image below)  

Limits tab

This allows you to set the reward criteria: Quantity available, Limited claim/usage per member, and validity of the reward after claiming. (Refer to the image below)

 Quantity available: Maximum amount of a reward available for claim (while stock lasts) 

 Limited claim/usage per member: Maximum amount of a reward available per member.

 Hide if limited reached: Reward will not be visible on the "Discover" page after it's been claimed/used.

 Expires X days after claim: Expiry duration set after they have claimed this particular reward.

➮ If applicable, there is an option to add Start Date, End Date, Usage Start Date, and Usage End Date upon claiming and usage of the reward.
Usage option: number of x times the same reward can be redeemed within the same redemption action
(Refer to the image below)

What is it
Single Unit Usage OnlySingle Unit Usage Only
To redeem the same reward one at a time.
All available points must be usedAll available points must be used
To claim by using all of the member's points.
The reward requires 100 points and the member has 300 points. All 300 points will then be used up upon claiming.
Allow Multiple Unit UsageAllow Multiple Unit Usage
To claim the same reward multiple times depending on x no. of maximality limit set
The member will be able to claim the reward repeatedly until reached its limit, based on the cap.

Next, optional: rewards be applicable for specific stores OR specific store groups only. Otherwise, do leave it unchecked and click save. [Input - refer to the "Channels" Article on Stores]

Targets tab (Optional)

If applicable, these options are available based on your targeted people: Target by Tier, Target by Segment, Target by Date Field, and Viewing Preferences for Rewards

➮ Target by Tier: Segregation values between each membership tier (Refer to the image below)

➮ Target by Segment: Based on the following categorization (Refer to the image below)

➮ Target by Date Field: Specify the date to auto-trigger the rewards accordingly. (Refer to the image below)

➮ Viewing preferences for Rewards (selection is usually on Default): 


Integrations/Codes tab (Optional)

If applicable, these options are available for integrations: Integration to manage discount/coupon code, and Display Promo Code or Redeem Code.

 ➮ Integration to manage discount/coupon code (If it's applicable for integration)
By selecting: "unique_codes" option to either import your own codes or allow the system to auto-generate the codes for any discount/coupon codes on rewards.

 ➮ Display Promo Code or Redeem Code

More tab (Optional)

If applicable, these options are available for integrations: Tags, Tier Upgrade, Smart Form For Reward Claim/Use, Button Name Setting, and Reward Cost.

➮ Tags: It will be of use to help tie and categorize rewards. 

➮ Tier Upgrade: use this feature to upgrade your members to the next tier available after they have claimed a specific reward?

➮ Smart Form For Reward Claim/Use: Select the Choose Form, and Show Form At Step. 

➮ Button Name Setting for Claim/Use/Move to use: 

Note: Businesses could opt for the available Optional Settings based on their individual program structure, needs, and requirements.

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