Login to Admin Portal and Managing Access
  • 07 Jul 2022
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Login to Admin Portal and Managing Access

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Now that you already have an account with Eber, you can start adding your colleagues to the admin portal.

Applicable for Enterprise Plan only
To be able to control their access level after adding them into the Admin portal.

On this page, we will also walk you through managing your subscription plan, update your credit card details, view and download your invoices too. Contact us here for more information.

Managing My Subscription Plan

Once you've logged in, click on your business logo on the bottom left of your admin portal.

Tap on "Billing & Credit" on the pop up.

Next, click "Change" button to edit your subscription plan.

Adding My Credit Card

On the "Billing & Credit" page, hover to Credit Card Info and tap "Add Credit Card".

 Enter your card details and hit "Save Card" button. You've successfully updated your card details.

View And Download Your Invoice

On the "Billing & Credit" page, hover to Invoices and tap "View Invoices".

All invoices generated will be reflected here. Click "View" to see the itemised invoice.

You may also print or download the invoice.

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