Social Points
  • 20 Apr 2022
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Social Points

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Rewarding members with points for interacting with your brand social media is a great way to increase the brand social awareness and It gives members an additional way to engage with your program.

Business can offer points or rewards to your members when they like and share your Facebook page. Simply follow the steps below to setup social points to your program.

Setting Up Social Points Activity Rule

  1. Login to
  2. Playbooks > Points > Social Points
  3. Click on "+" to create new social activity rule

4. Input activity title in Name field - eg: "Like Us on Facebook"; "Share Our Facebook"


5. Select activity type - select only 1 type per activity rule set


    • Liking page on Facebook OR

    • Sharing on Facebook

6. Enter your brand Facebook page URL


7. Decide whether to award your members with points or rewards or both when they like and/or share your Facebook page



To ensure It aligns with your goal and objective, It is important to keep the points as low and it shouldn't be enough for members to redeem a reward by performing this action.

8. Save = Social points earning activity rule setup successfully


Click here to learn how you can link the social activity rule to your WebApp


How It Works

Eber will automatically issue points/ reward when members click on the option to engage with your social channel on WebApp.



Currently, Facebook does not allow third-party programs like Eber to pull information from their websites. Therefore, If a member merely clicks on "like the facebook page"; "share the facebook page" button without performing the actual action of 'liking' or 'sharing' your Facebook page, this will still trigger points/ reward to members.

If the same member follow, unfollow and follow again, social points/ reward will be issued only once based on social activities.

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