Types of Rewards and its Functions
  • 06 Jul 2022
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Types of Rewards and its Functions

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Eber Reward Experience offers a variety of rewards to cater to different business needs and the available rewards that you can use to benefit your members.

Standard Type 

It refers to rewards that are offered on an ongoing or recurring basis.

Members are allowed to redeem Standard Rewards as many times as they wish as long as they have sufficient points for redemption and are dependent on the max quantity indicated.

Here are the elaboration for Welcome/Birthday/Anniversary Rewards under Standard Type:

Welcome Reward

In order to attract new members to sign up for your membership program.

You can consider rewarding them with Welcome Rewards. This reward will be automatically triggered whenever there is a new member sign up and will not be visible to existing members.

Birthday/Anniversary Reward

These rewards are only used for Member's Birthdays and Anniversaries.

You are able to set when to trigger this reward [X days before birthday or X days before birthday month]. 

Note: This reward will be triggered under Show in Reward List and displayed under the "Discover" tab and members can claim the reward by themselves when their birthday is near.

POS Reward (applicable for selected POS)

Rewards can be redeemed from the POS. 

For more information, do refer to Creating Rewards page.

Referral Reward

This is used if only your business decides to run a referral program. 

You can choose to reward both parties or either just your referrer/referee. For more information, do refer to the Referral page.

Hidden Reward

This reward is useful, especially for service recovery. It will not visible under the Reward list on the member WebApp. 
You can trigger this Hidden reward to a Specific Member which will be reflected under Member's "My Rewards" Tab.

Below are the steps that you can trigger this hidden reward:

➞ Search for Specific Member [Pencil Icon -> Search on the Filter Checkbox] > Click on the Selected Member (Eye Icon) > More


➞ Under "Rewards" Tab -> + Add -> Select Hidden Reward (Send a reward to the user) -> *Optional: Notify Member


➞ Click Submit


Do set the Reward Claim Message in the Activity Message Settings. By clicking on "Activity Message Settings", it will direct you to the page for input. (It can also be found via Messaging > Activity Messages).


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