Eber provides an end to end Gift Card solution. Digital/ Physical Gift Cards can be purchased instantly alongside with a greeting message. Payment is made directly to your payment gateway, not Eber.

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About Gift Card

Eber fully supports issuing digital/ physical gift cards. From ordering digital/ physical gift cards online, to redeeming in-store, providing a seamless experience for customers and staff.


When using our monetization solution, you may need to validate redemption in physical outlets. Eber StoreApp supports iPad and any Android devices.

Sometimes you may want a purpose-built and dedicated store terminal to do the job. Eber StoreApp is integrated into a number of cost efficient stylish handheld terminals. Some of them come with printing functions.

Creating Gift Card

Follow the steps below to create a gift card:

1. Login to xm.eber.co

2. Go to eStore

3. Gift Card > Create

4. Upload the gift card image & fill in the necessary details

5. Enable the relevant option based on your gift card preference

User Experience

Each gift card can have multiple denomination options (gift card value) based on your business preference. User could opt for purchase It as for own use or as a gift to someone else.

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