How to embed Eber Member Widget on your customised website using Javascript

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  • To embed the widget on your website

  • To show / hide the widget

To embed the widget on your website:

1) Copy the link below and paste on your site. Example of the link as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Tips: "xxxx" on the above script is referring to your Business ID, please refer to your Customer Success Representative to provide you this

2) Add the below CSS for widget on your website to show in Popup / Button:

  • Button: #eber-widget #eber-btn-open-widget

  • Popup: #eber-widget #iframe-holder

Once you had done embed the Eber Widget on your website, and you would like to show or hide the widget using your own link (for eg. a banner or a button), you can do so by adding your scripts with the following Javascript command:

To show the widget:


To hide the widget:


To show / hide the widget:

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