Create Category and Store Card Details

Login to

Click "+" to create and name the Category (optional)

Click "+" below to create your store card

Select Type (once Type is selected, it cannot be changed). There are 3 option type, make sure to turn on "Active" button

  • Single item (only 1 product and a single unit)

  • Multiple items same product (same product with more than 1 unit in a package)

  • Multiple items different products (different products with multiple units in a package)

Upload an Image (highly recommend)

Name the Store Card, input the Package Description and Terms & Conditions, Select category type (can be more than 1 type)


Create Packages

Click "+" to create package

Upload Image, turn on the Active button, Name the package, input the description

Input the price, **Limit per member (refers to number of times a member can buy this package), **Limit per purchase (refers to the quantity a member can purchase in single transaction), **Multiple quantity issue as single card (allows multiple packages to be issued and redeemed at one go)

** - Optional

Input the Terms & Conditions and Click "Save"


Create Item

Click "+" to create item

Upload Image, Name the package item, input the Description and Terms & Conditions

Select Quantity, Usage limit (One Usage/ Multiple Usage/ Unlimited), input the valid duration of the store cards and preferred redemption channel

**Enable sharing (allows store card to be shared to others)

Click "Save" and your store card is ready

** - Optional

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