After creating the rewards, below is the interface which shows the Three (3) different categorized tabs. And how it will be viewable from your customer's perspective under the Member's WebApp.

Overview: Discover/My Rewards/History Tabs

  1. "Discover" tab - It gives members an overview of all the rewards available in your member program and encourages them to take more actions to obtain them.

  2. "My Rewards" tab - When a member claims a reward, it will be saved.

  3. "History" tab - Once a reward is used, it will appear underneath.


Points to consider when creating rewards

What it is


Amount of Points

The reward quantity for redemption is entirely at your business discretion.

Reward Limitation

Limit the number of times that members can redeem a reward (E.g. redeemable only once per member.)

Descriptions incl. Terms & Conditions

Indication for reward will be displayed on the member WebApp and StoreApp before redemption is done.

Differentiate rewards per Tier

Manage the visibility of different lists of rewards for each membership tier. (E.g. Silver tier members have a different set of rewards lists compared to Gold tier members.)

Quantity per Reward

Control the quantity which will be available for each reward. (E.g. there are only 80 free gift rewards to be redeemed.)

Best practices when creating rewards

What it is


Attractive Photo

Represents the reward and builds the excitement which will improve your overall branding.

Precise Terms & Conditions

Always state clearly in your terms & conditions when and how the reward can be used.

Staff Awareness on Rewards

Ensure staff are aware of all the rewards and are able to answer potential questions from members.

Dependent on Business Industry

Depending on your business industry, rewards normally go by 1% to 3% of spending value or max up to 5%. (E.g. when a member spends $100, the reward would be between $1 to $5 in value.)

Note: Different membership structures may have a different effect on businesses. Applying the correct structure will maximize the results of a membership program.

Rewards Display

  • View on StoreApp

  • View on WebApp

To review the Reward Image Specification

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