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If you are using Zeoniq PoS, you can easily link up to Eber. Points are issued to your members by assigning them to the sales order on the PoS prior to checkout. Reward redemptions can also be carried out via the PoS making the whole business operation smoother.

How to get connected?

  1. Go to https://xm.eber.co/settings/apps-integrations/zeoniq, click + Add to create your Zeoniq PoS connection.

  2. Click Settings to retrieve your connector details.


    3. You will be redirected to this page. Copy all info and input onto your Zeoniq PoS.


    4. Retrieve each store Location Code from Zeoniq PoS and add into the Eber backend. Hit the Save button to complete the linkup.


    5. Get your Zeoniq Account Manager to enable 2 additional buttons on your Zeoniq PoS. One button is to search/scan your member and another button is to redeem the reward vouchers.


    6. Lastly, proceed to test the 2 buttons on the PoS by

  • Do a test purchase by assigning member to the sales order

  • Scanning the reward using the PoS scanner and redeeming the reward

7. If all test are successful, you've successfully connected your Zeoniq PoS to Eber.

How it works?

  1. Search for member profile on your Zeoniq PoS.

  2. Assign member profile to sales order

  3. Redeem reward for members via PoS

  4. Checkout

  5. Transactions are captured on Eber and points issued automatically

  6. Rdeemed rewards are moved to History automatically

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