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Can members update their News & Promotions notifications by themselves through the EDM?

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Yes, they can! This self-service option allows members to control the communications they receive without needing to contact customer support. Here is how you can do it:

1. Drag a text box onto your email template to initiate more text action box options.

2. Click on the "Text placeholder" option to access the placeholder library.

3. In the placeholder library, search for "unsub." You will see the value ":unsub-link" associated with the unsubscribe text placeholder.

4. Design your template and the unsubscribe preference design - Either as a linked text or a call-to-action button. Hyperlink this text or link the button to the ":unsub-link" placeholder or the relevant unsubscribe URL.

5. Your template is now complete and ready to be sent out.

The unsubscribe link is an essential feature of Electronic Direct Mails (EDM) due to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). It ensures compliance with privacy regulations by providing recipients with an easy way to manage their subscription preferences and protect their personal data.

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