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Can Eber integrate with my point-of-sale system (POS)?
Can Eber integrate with my point-of-sale system (POS)?


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General benefits of using POS Integration with Eber:

  • The ability to create members on POS, and have them automatically created on Eber.

  • Using POS to send the final amount of a transaction to Eber, which automatically converts that amount into points for the member.

POS integration is available for selected POS Softwares and Eber can support integration with the following POS Softwares:

  1. Shopify POS

  2. Storehub

  3. Vend HQ

  4. Lightspeed Restaurant

  5. Lightspeed Retail

  6. Foodics

  7. Revel

  8. Existco

  9. Mobi2go (Online Ordering Platform)

  10. Suntoyo (WIndows Based POS)

  11. XIlnex

  12. Eats365

  13. Zeoniq

  14. Sevenrooms

  15. FoodZap

Should your POS has an API and you want us to integrate it, please contact us at

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