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How to Create Email Template
How to Create Email Template
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Steps to create email template:

  1. Messaging > Email templates > Create.

  2. Name your Email Template & Email subject.

  3. Design the layout of your email template by dragging the row.

  4. Custom by dragging tool blocks from “Content” panel.

What is the content available to use?

  1. Image:

    • Use high-quality images that are relevant to your content.

    • Optimize images for email by compressing them and using appropriate file formats (JPEG or PNG).

    • Click ‘browse’ to upload and insert image.

  2. Button:

    • Create visually appealing buttons that stand out in the email.

    • Use clear and concise text on buttons that prompt recipients to take action (e.g., "Shop Now", "Learn More").

    • Ensure buttons are easy to click on both desktop and mobile devices.

  3. Divider:

    • Insert dividers to visually separate different sections of your email content.

    • Choose divider styles that complement your email design, such as solid lines, dashes, or decorative elements.

    • Adjust the size and colour of dividers to enhance visual hierarchy and readability.

  4. Spacer:

    • Add spacers between elements to improve the layout and spacing of your email.

    • Use spacers to create whitespace and prevent content from appearing cluttered.

    • Adjust spacer dimensions to achieve the desired spacing between elements.

  5. Social:

    • Include social media icons or links in your email template to encourage recipients to connect with your brand on social platforms.

  6. HTML:

    • You may also craft you email template by using HTML.

    • Just add in your HTML code in the box right side.

  7. Video:

    • You may add video into your email template but please take note that only Youtube or Vimeo URL is acceptable.

  8. Icon:

    • You may add in icons to visually enhance your email design and communicate information effectively.

  9. Text:

    • Write clear, concise, and compelling text that communicates your message effectively.

    • Ensure text is legible by choosing appropriate fonts, sizes, and colors that contrast well with the background.

    • Text placeholder for different text is available.

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