SFTP Client Setup
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Eber uses SFTP for uploading import files. Please use one of the key file in Windows or Mac.

Any SFTP client or SFTP transfer application is supported. Examples of commonly used SFTP clients include WinSCP, FileZilla, CyberDuck, and OpenSSH clients.

Login Credentials

Connection : SSH/SFTP

Server : ftp.eber.co

Please get this information from Eber Admin Portal

Username : [Username]

Key File : .pem (Mac) / .ppk (Windows)

Core FTP Lite Setup Example

Step 1:

  • Fill up the various credentials field as per screenshot.

  • Access Advance setting after.

Step 2:

  • Access ‘SSH' settings and attached the relevant Key File.

Step 3:

  • Access ‘General’ setting and check on ‘Don’t prompt for password when empty’. As no password is required for this process, just the Key File will do.

Once all is done, you may connect to the SFTP server and upload the file to be imported.
You may setup scheduler to upload the files to be imported periodically.

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