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UTM : Special Reward for UTM Sign-Up
UTM : Special Reward for UTM Sign-Up

How to create reward for UTM registration?

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Scenario :

I'd like to monitor corporate sign-ups using UTM; also, corporate clients that join up using this UTM will earn additional rewards (discount vouchers) in addition to the existing welcome reward. Is it possible?

Yes, can be done!


On this article, we will guide :

Part 1 : UTM Creation

Part 2 : Save Segment

Part 3 : Reward Tag Segment

Part 1 : UTM Creation

(I) Copy your [ User Page ] address. User Page is your Webapp address + "user".


User Page:

(II) Go to Campaign URL Builder Website.

(III) Paste your [ User Page ] in "website URL *".

Enter your [ Company/Event/Source Name ] in "campaign source*".

(IV) Scroll down to "Share the generated campaign URL" and tap the copy icon,

(a) Paste it to any QR code converter side to get your QR.

(b) Share the link with your corporate client so that they can self-register.


Part 2 : Save Segment

Then, go back to XM. Navigate to People > Add Filter > Use the parameter [UTM IS "Company/Event/Source Name" ] > Add Rule > Save and name your segment.

Please keep in mind that whatever was entered in the campaign source must be the same here as well (capital, small, or space bar) in order for the display to work properly.

E.g, Barry's

The segment is dynamic and only has to be done once. When a new member signs up, it is immediately reflected, and the new member is parked at this segment.


Part 3 : Reward Tag Segment

(I) Proceed to create the reward as usual.

(II) Hover to "Target" tab. Select Barry's under "Target by Segment," then hit [Save], and you're done!

The UTM registration is immediate. The member receives the reward almost instantly. The reward will be stored in the "My Reward" tab.

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