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UTM : Tracking Sign-Up Stores/Outlets
UTM : Tracking Sign-Up Stores/Outlets
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Scenario :

I have multiple outlets and I would like to enable QR code for self-registration. I'd like to target members who join up at a specific store for a different strategy. How can I identify them?


On this article, we will guide :

Part 1 : UTM Creation

Part 2 : Part 2 : Identifying Sign-up(s)

Part 1 : UTM Creation

(I) Copy your [ User Page ] address. User Page is your Webapp address + "user".


User Page:

(II) Go to Campaign URL Builder Website.

(III) Paste your [ User Page ] in "website URL *".

Enter your [ Outlet Name ] in "campaign source*".

(IV) Scroll down to "Share the generated campaign URL" and tap the copy icon.


Part 2 : Identifying Sign-up(s)

You can find these members in People > Add Filter > Use the parameter [UTM IS "Outlet Name" ] > Add Rule.

Optional : If you find this parameter useful, you can save it as a "Segment" and access it with a single click in the future.


After you have completed the above steps, you can now target them by using the same parameter in your marketing filter [ UTM IS ].

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