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This feature allows you to Create or Edit messages for your Marketing Campaign to your targeted audiences.

You can send your messages to your targeted audiences via Campaign or Campaign Bot in the form of email or SMS.

Campaign - Create a marketing campaign for One-Time triggering. Suitable to use for campaigns below:

  • Special Deals

  • Promotion

  • New Opening

  • Relocation of store

  • Change of Policy

  • Notice Announcement

  • Private Events

  • Members-Only Invitation

Campaign Bot - Create an Auto-triggered message based on your personalised criteria. Below are some examples:

  • to whoever who has not visited for the past X days

  • to whoever that has greater than X points

  • to whoever whose Member expiry date is nearing in X days

  • to whoever whose Birthday is X days before birthday day

After selecting which trigger message you want to use, you may proceed to select message type.

We have 2 types of message method you can use and they are Email or SMS.

both have different advantages:

Advantage of Email Marketing

  • A Low Cost effort

  • Deliver targeted messages

  • Optimize your content

  • No Character Limits

  • The effects are easily measured

Advantage of SMS Marketing

  • Instant Deliverability

  • High Open Rate

  • High Conversion Rate

  • Easy to Set up

  • Increase customer engagement


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