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Setting up a Campaign Bot

The steps are similar to setting up of a Campaign, except that within the Schedule setting, instead of inputting the Date & Time of trigger, you will now have to set the Frequency.

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Under the Frequency dropdown field, there are options for Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Selected Months ( Within this setting, you are able to have it triggered on a specific Months & Day of Months follow by the Hour of trigger, example: 30 Jun, 12pm )

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*something to note, for the selection under the Months dropdown field, it's display as numerical value ( Example: 1 = January, 5 = May )

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Lastly, with regards to this checkbox functionality within Schedule setting:

  • If it is checked - It will skip user and repeat the campaign blast after X days from the last triggered, overwriting the Frequency set above. Example: if you have a retention mailer setup, with Audiences filter set as Last Visit is more than 30 days and set on a Daily frequency, but you will not like to have it triggered to your inactive user that frequently thus you can set the buffer over here to have it skipped the user for X days after the last trigger and at the same time not forgoing the Daily frequency to hit new user that fall into the same category.

  • If it is unchecked - It will skip user indefinitely after last trigger, meaning user will only hit once irregardless of the Frequency set.

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