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Eber Quick Overview
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Get to know the features within the Eber platform. You can access Eber via computer, tablets or the browser on the mobile devices.

What is Admin Portal?

This is Eber's back-office software where business can use to manage their business operations that is not viewable by the consumer end.

Once you have your own login credentials, you can navigate around the admin portal and view the following:

  • Insights: Reports related to your loyalty and marketing analytics

  • People: Your customer database

  • Messaging: Tools to engage with your customers

  • Loyalty: Settings for your membership tiers, rewards, points system

  • Marketing: Referrals, feedbacks of your customers

  • Commerce: Monetise features to help you increase revenue

  • Apps: 3rd party apps that is readily integrated with Eber

  • Customer Portal: Design how you like your program to look like

  • Channels: Store settings and other API related integrations

  • Billing & Credit: View your subscription plans and invoices

  • Team: Add and manage your staff access to admin portal

What is StoreApp?

The StoreApp is usually on the iPad/Tablet or Android devices which allowed the staff working on-ground to use for customer's registration, earn points, redemption, and check their profile.

What is Customer Portal?

The customer portal is where members can access to their respective membership, the relevant rewards made available to them, and some features (eVouchers, Gift cards, feedback, and referral program) which might be optional subjective to the brand's loyalty program.

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