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About Eber StoreApp

Eber StoreApp is our native tablet App that enable our customers to perform member operations in their physical stores.

We have iPad and Android versions, they can be downloaded here:

Member operations that can be performed includes:

  • Customer signup on point claim (only phone number is needed)

  • Customer signup with registration form

  • Point claim for existing members

  • Rewards redemption

  • Gift card purchase, top-up and redemption

  • Check simple points and redemption history (staff access)

Other functionalities:

  • Multi-store location support - member activities are tied to selected store

  • Multiple staff passcode support - actions are tied to staff passcode

  • Screen rotation for flat deployment of tablet - tablet can be placed flat on the counter table and rotated when staff entry is necessary

  • Configuration of buttons and options

  • Configuration of verification required from staff to submit a transaction. (for example, passcode may/ may not be necessary for redemption)

*Any changes made in the Eber Business admin on StoreApp setting will take effect only when you have access to the App.

Cover image specifications

Display your brand on Eber StoreApp to catch customers attention and promote brand awareness on your member system.

To add images for Eber StoreApp, you may go to Channels> StoreApp> Appearance> click on Add

Upload your desired image, and proceed to Save

A preview screen will be displayed on the right side for your reference.

Don't have an image yet? Don't worry, as a default cover image will be used if no image has been uploaded.

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