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Team and Passcode

Which access should I create for my team members?

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Clients are often confused about which access to create. This article gives a better understanding of the access and why it was created in this way.

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Settings > Team Users.


Team is for back of the house.

Eber admin portal contains all of your programme settings as well as your customer database. This is the access you want to restrict for your front of house staff members.

The team member who was required to perform backend tasks such as business owner, admin team, marketing team, finance team, and tech team should be granted with this access. This will allow them to log in to review customer CRM, check/adjust rewards, design Webapps, and send newsletters (and more) by using Team access.

Password creation must be minimum 12 characters, with a combination of at least one uppercase character, one lowercase character, a number and a special character (eg: %,#,@).


Passcode is for front of the house.

A passcode is required whenever your team assists in registering a member, performing sale/void transaction and reward redemption. This is an useful tool for assisting with transaction validation.

Some businesses generate passcodes depending on outlet/store (1 passcode per store), while others make passcodes based on shift, and yet others create passcodes for all members of staff. 3 ways are effective, and the decision is entirely dependent on your business needs.

Passcodes are typically 4-6 digits long, with no duplicates allowed.


Note: All Team access/Passcodes created cannot be removed or deleted. This is made to prevent messed-up backend data and untraceable action. As a result, if your business has a large number of users and has decided to grant access to each of them, you should prepare yourself for a long user list.

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