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Team Member's Account

How to change team member's details/account?

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*This access is limited to the Owner and Admin role only.

This will walk you through the account activation, modifications, password/passcode reset, and deactivating your team member's access in the Eber admin portal.

On this page

  • Activate Team Member's Account

  • Edit Team Member's Account

  • Inactive Resigned Member's Account

Activate Team Member's Account

All newly added team members will be automatically listed as "Active" in the Eber admin portal. They can gain access and start using it right away.


Edit Team Member's Account

We understand that there could have been an error when creating team member details sometimes. You can change a team member's role or update their name, email, and phone number by clicking on the [ Pencil ] icon and click [ Save ] when you are finished editing.

To edit Passcode, choose the relevant "Store" so that the correct team member is displayed.

Aside from updating the basic information, Owner and Admin can assist in resetting Password (12 characters - a combination of at least one uppercase, one lowercase, a number, and a special character) and Passcode (4 digits).

Alongside that, manually inform your team member of the new password and passcode.


Inactive Resigned Member's Account

For the resigned staff, do remember to changed their status to "Inactive" so they can no longer access the Eber admin portal.

To do so, simply click on the "Active" button, and it will change to "Inactive." You can undo your action by clicking on "Inactive" to turn back the status to "Active".


Note: All Team access/Passcodes created cannot be removed or deleted. This is made to prevent messed-up backend data and untraceable action.

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