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Adding A New Team Member - Invitation via Email
Adding A New Team Member - Invitation via Email

How to add a team member (I)

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As your programme grows, you can add more team members to access and manage the Eber admin portal, and you can also restrict their Roles to a specific function. Learn more about Roles and limitations by clicking here.

There are 2 ways to add a team member: invitation via email and manual creation in Eber admin portal.

Setting > Team > Team Users.

Invitation via email

  1. Click on your logo at the bottom left corner in Eber admin portal > Settings > Team > Team Users.

  2. Click [ + Invite ].

  3. Enter your team member's name, email and roles (you may restrict their access based on department) > hit [ Send ], and you're done!

What happen next?

The team member will receive an email with an invitation link. They simply click on the invitation link and create their own password. If they do not see the email in their inbox, have them check their junk/spam box.


When the new team member creates their password, he or she will be reflected under "Team" tab. Otherwise, the request will be added to the list of "Pending Invites" list.

If the team member did not receive the invitation or the link has expired, click "Resend" (the invitation will expired within 7 days.)

If you no longer want to them to access Eber admin portal, click the "Cancel" button.

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