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Adding A New Team Member - Manual Creation
Adding A New Team Member - Manual Creation

How to add a team member (II)

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As your programme grows, you can add more team members to access and manage the Eber admin portal, and you can also restrict their Roles to a specific function. Learn more about Roles and limitations by clicking here.

There are 2 ways to add a team member: invitation via email and manual creation in Eber admin portal.

Setting > Team > Team Users.

Manual creation

  1. Click on your logo at the bottom left corner in Eber admin portal > Settings > Team > Team Users.

  2. Click [ + Create ].

  3. Enter your team member's name, email, select a role (you may restrict their access based on department) and generate password > hit [ Send ].

  4. Share your team member's their credentials for the Eber admin portal website: : > Done.


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