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Purchase Submission [Add-on Feature]
Purchase Submission [Add-on Feature]

Is there any other way I can reward my members?

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So your business isn't integrated, or you don't have a physical site to issue points, but you still want to reward your members? Eber has Purchase Submisson to back that up!

Purchase submission is also known as Self-Service Receipt Submission. This is a feature that allows members to upload their purchases by submitting receipt photos using our Webapp.

Your admin team can then visit the Eber backend interface to verify - approve/reject and issue the point to their member directly.

Loyalty > Purchase Submission.

Setting Up Purchase Submission Fields

1. Click [ Settings ] button. You will be led to a new page named "Purchase Submission / Settings".

2. You will see a list of settings which you can enable by clicking on the "Pencil" icon. After clicking the “Pencil" icon, you can change the information you want to be collected based on your business needs. After you've finished updating, click [ Save ].

The table below will help you understand each field's definition:



Custom Name

Show on Webapp

WebApp Submission Show

Show on the Member's Purchase Submission page

WebApp Submission Required

Members are required to input details when submitting their receipt purchases.

Approval Show

Show on Eber XM

Approval Required

Require approval on Eber XM

The above setting is meant for a single item upload by default. If you allow multiple items to be submitted in a single receipt, activate 'Show Purchase Item' and set the maximum number of items that can be uploaded, then hit [ Save ], and you're done!

Example from Webapp (Member's point of view)

Member enters the required information and hits the "Submit" button.

Member will be prompted to expect point issuance upon verification.

Example from XM (Admin point of view)

1. Admin to login to check on daily basics (or opt in to receive email whenever there's a submission).

2. The new submissions will be added under the "Pending" list To access the submission information, click the "View" button.

3. Double-check the item/details. If everything is in order, click the "Calculate Points" button, and Eber will auto-populate the amount vs point/point rule you have configured. Click [ Approve ], and you're done!

If you want to award extra points or deduct points (due to a promotion/clearance item), just override by updating it at "Points" section.

If you approve/update incorrect points by mistake, the points must be manually adjusted or voided under the respective member's profile.

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