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Can I reward my member for being active in my Facebook?

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Rewarding members with points for interacting with your brand social media is a great way to increase the brand social awareness and It gives members an additional way to engage with your programme.

Eber has a feature that can offer points or rewards to your members when they like and share your Facebook page.

On this page:

  • Setting up Social Points Rule

  • Overview/Edit/Active/Inactive Social Points Rule(s)

Loyalty > Points > Social Points.

Eber offers two methods for rewarding your members:

  • Sharing on Facebook: Receive reward(s) when sharing your business page in their Facebook.

  • Liking page on Facebook: Receive reward(s) when liking your business Facebook page.

Setting up Social Points Rule

To begin adding social points activity rule to your programme,

1. Click the [ + ] icon and you will be diverted to a new page to "Points/Create New Earning Activity".

2. In the "Name" section, provide the title of the activity, e.g. Like Us on Facebook or Share Our Facebook Page etc.

3. Choose the type of action you want your member to perform.

4. Enter the URL of your business's Facebook page.

5. Choose whether to award your members points, rewards, or both for like and/or sharing your Facebook page. Hit [ Save ], and you're done!

Tip: To ensure It aligns with your goal and objective, It is important to keep the points as low and it shouldn't be enough for members to redeem a reward by performing this action.

Overview/Edit/Active/Inactive Social Points Rule(s)

Once you've configured your social points activity rule(s), the screen will display an overview.

Click the "Pencil" icon to edit the rule.

By default, all newly created Social Point rules will be active. The rule cannot be deleted; however, if you no longer want the rule to be active, simply click [ Inactive ] under "Status" to disable the reward system and hit [ Save ].

Once you enable the menu setting in Customer Portal, the Webapp will look like this:

*The tile colour and font can be changed in the theme settings.


Currently, Facebook does not permit third-party applications such as Eber to access their websites. As a result, if a member simply clicks on the "like the facebook page" or "share the facebook page" button without actually 'liking' or 'sharing' your Facebook page, this will still trigger points/reward to members.

If the same member follows, unfollows, and then follows again, social points/rewards will only be issued once based on social activities.

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