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What can be done with inactive members?

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As your programme grows, so will the number of contacts. Inactive members not only consume your subscription capacity but also mess with your analytics.

There are 2 methods for cleaning up your database: Individually or in Bulk.

On this page

  • Archive Members Individually

  • Archive Members in Bulk

Settings > Delete & Archive.


1. Go to People.

2. Search for the specific member using mobile number/email address/name/member ID using search box > "Enter".

3. Click on the [ More Detail] icon next to the selected member.

4. Inside member's profile, under "Overview" tap > Scroll down and click on [ Edit ].

5. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page > Click on [ Archive Member ].

6. Once confirmed the member to archive, click on [ Yes, do it! ]. Done.

In Bulk

To proceed with this action, ensure you have the Owner or Admin role to use this function in Part 2 of confirming the bulk archive/delete later.

We have separate them into 2 parts, namely:

Part 1: Tagging members with "xarchive".

Part 2: Confirming the bulk archive of the members.


Part 1: Tagging members with "xarchive"

(I) Go to People.

(II) Search your members by using the [ Add Filters ] function.

(III) [ Add Rule ] after done adding the required filters.

(IV) After confirming the filter's parameter(s) are accurate, click on [ Tag ].

(V) Enter tag name as "xarchive" and hit [ Add Tags ].

After finishing Part 1 of the tagging, you can move on to Part 2 to confirm the bulk archive of the members.

Part 2: Confirming the bulk archive of the members

(I) Click on your logo at the bottom left corner in Eber admin portal > Settings > Delete & Archive.

(II) Click on [ Archive Contacts ].

(III) You will be asked to confirm that you want to archive members with tag name "xarchive".

(IV) Tick the box and type in CONFIRM > Submit. Done.

You have successfully bulk archive your targeted members.


  • If you have a large group of archive/delete members, the system may take a few minutes to process your bulk archive/delete request.

  • Any information from an archived member cannot be restored. Please continue with caution.

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