Scenario :

On weekdays, my business is slow. I'd like to provide members x3 points for spending on a weekday.


As we can see from the points setting, the default point value is MYR1 for 1 point. This means that MYR1 for 1 point will be allocated on daily basics.

We will now establish points rules for weekday.

Loyalty > Points > Points Rule.

Click on [ + Create ] and you will be diverted to new page

Setting Weekday Points Rule:

1. Fill in the "Name" section with the name of your rule.

2. Under "Main Conditions," set the appropriate parameter. In this case, will be {Day Of Week is not Saturday, Day of Week is not Sunday Tier}. Hit [ Add Rule ].

3. Scroll all the way down to "Points Multiple" then enter the value. In this case, will be {3}.

4. Hit [ Save ]. And done!

Once this is configured, your programme will reward weekday spenders with x3 points and weekend spenders with x1.

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