Birthday Points

How can I award my member some points on their birthday?

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Implementing points multiplier during member's birthday into your loyalty program is an alternative way to establish bond with your members. It helps to drive the visit frequency and increases the repeat purchases.

In Eber, you can offer points earn by multiply based on spending amount within a specific duration of a member's birthday.

Loyalty > Points > "Birthday Points" tab.

Eber supports two methods for activating the point multiplier:

  • Entire Birthday Month: Any purchases made during the birthday month will be rewarded with points based on the multiples.

  • Days Before | Days After Birthday: Only purchases made within the specified dates will be awarded in accordance with the multiples.

Simply insert the multiples value under "Point Multiple," select your point multiplier duration, then hit [ Save ], and you're done!

Please keep in mind that in order for the birthday points multiplier to work, you must collect your member's birthday data and have it updated in their profile.

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