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How to create gift card?

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Commerce > Gift Card.

You can review your gift card sales and revenue made by tapping on the "calendar" icon and selecting the time period.

Create a Gift Card

1. Click the [ + Create ] button to create a gift card. You will be led to a new page named "Create new Gift Card".

2. Upload your gift card cover (maximum 1 image).

3. Fill out the "Name" section with your gift card title.

4. Enter the "Amount" (payment amount) and "Topup Amount" (credit received). Determine whether the amount is fixed or only applicable at the time of purchase:

  • If the amount is fixed, leave the box unchecked. Click the [ Add ] button.

  • If the amount only applicable at the time of purchase, check the "Activation Only" box. Click the [ Add ] button.

Each gift card can have multiple denomination options (gift card value) based on your business preference.

If you want to remove the amount, simply click on the "-" icon.

This table will help you understand how the added amounts above works :


Purchasing this category of gift card for the first time:

Top-up (Member selects denomination to reload):

100 [Activation Only]

Pay $90, receive $100 credit.

Pay $100 to receive $100

50 [Activation Only]

Pay $45, receive $50 credit.

Pay $50 to receive $50


Pay $20, receive $20 credit.

Pay $20 to receive $20


5. If you need the member to keep a certain balance on the gift card, enter it in the "Balance Limit" section.

6. You can change the display by selecting [Paying or Receiving] from the "Select By" dropdown list. Refer below for display example from Webapp.

7. To set the gift card's expiry date, enter the value in "Expiry Duration" and pick "Expiry Duration Unit" from the drop-down menu.

8. In the "Min Purchase Quantity" and "Max Purchase Quantity" sections, you can also choose the minimum and maximum purchase quantities. (maximum 20 gift card per transaction).

9. Fill in your description and terms and conditions.

Refer below for display example from Webapp.

Select by : Paying

Select by : Receiving

"MYR90" represents the payment amount.

"MYR100" represents the credit amount to be received.


10. All newly created gift cards are activated by default. If you want to pause/disable the gift card selling, click "Inactive" button .

11. You can choose whether to sell the gift card online (Digital) or offline (Physical) under "Gift Card Type" section. You can check both boxes if you want to sell both. Please keep in mind that there are additional costs incurred when selling physical gift cards due to printing collateral. We will go through physical gift cards in greater depth in another article.

12. Select where you want to sell your gift card in "Gift card is for sell in":

  • Member Web App: Members can use their credit cards to make direct purchases.

  • Using StoreApp in-store: Members must present at store to make purchases, and some actions must be completed by storefront members.

13. In "Other Options," you can configure the more about the gift card and the credit usage, such as whether you allow physical gift card purchases on the Webapp, whether you allow partial usage, how a member tops up the gift card credit - WebApp or StoreApp (or both), and so on. Check the box(es) according to your strategy.

14. You can also limit the use of this gift card to specific locations/stores by selecting the store group or store name (if you have multiple stores and done configured in Channel).


15. If your gift card can only be purchased by selected segments, you can select from the dropdown list (segment needs to be preconfigured in People in order to displayed in the list.).

16. You may also enable credit sharing by checking the "Enable Sharing" box. This allows members to share their credit with friends and family via email/link. You can also add text to the gift card so the recipient knows what it is about when they receive the link. Refer below for display example from Webapp.

17. Click [ Save ], and you're done!

Refer below for display example from Webapp.

By Forwarding


When using the forwarding method, members must provide the recipient's information, which will automatically create an account for the recipient in your programme.

When the recipient receives the SMS/email notification, they must click on the provided link/button to access the membership page and sign up, only they will be able to view and use the gift card.

As a result, it is crucial to make sure that the mobile number/email address is correct in order to avoid the gift card being used by other people.

When using the URL method, members can choose from the options by copying the provided link and forwarding the text to the recipient via Whatsapp, Line, or email.

No account will be created for the recipient if this method is used.

The gift card to be used in its entirety or by portion of the amount is to be specified by the business as mentioned in item#13.

Spending on the shared gift card is immediate and live. The card's balance will be visible to both parties. If members only want the gift card to be used on one visit, they can withdraw it after the recipient has completed the payment, by tapping on the "Revoke Shared URL" button.

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