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Gamification [Add-On Feature]
Gamification [Add-On Feature]

Where does gamification fit into a loyalty programme?

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Loyalty programmes are an essential tool for companies to retain members and encourage repeat business. However, with so many businesses offering loyalty programmes, it can be challenging to stand out and keep members engaged. This is where gamification comes in, and it has become an increasingly popular strategy for enhancing loyalty programmes.

  • Encourages Member Engagement

By incorporating game elements, businesses can make their programmes more interactive, allowing members to earn points and rewards for achieving certain scores. Gamification makes the whole process of earning rewards more enjoyable, making members engage more, and stay loyal to the programme.

  • Boosts Member Motivation

Gamification is an effective way to motivate members to login every day, participate, and spend more. This feedback helps keep members motivated and engaged, which is crucial for the success of any loyalty programme.

  • Increases Member Loyalty and turns them into Promoters

Gamification can increase member loyalty and turn members into brand advocates. When members interact with a gamified loyalty programme, they are more likely to talk about it, resulting in increased loyalty and advocacy. Gamification can also help businesses collect valuable data on member behaviour, preferences, and interests, which can be used to improve loyalty programmes, products, and services.

Eber Pro Plan is available for businesses who wish to incorporate gamification into their loyalty programme. For further information, please contact your Sales Consultant.

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