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Changing My Loyalty Programme / Structure
Changing My Loyalty Programme / Structure

Can I change my programme?

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So you've had your loyalty programme for a while and are thinking about updating it to keep up with the current programme trend. Can it be done?

Yes, it is possible; however, all existing members will be affected because the changes are immediate.

For example, if you want to switch from a point system to a stamping system, please make sure you have notified all of your existing members, and your team member will be able to address any questions the members may have regarding the changes.

Here is the list that will be impacted should you decide to proceed with the programme change :

  • Business identity Eber url (Member WebApp) : [business_name]

  • Member structure : change from/to Points to/from Stamps

  • Member tier : change of active/inactive status

  • Member status : change of active/inactive member

  • Welcome Rewards : issue rewards/points to new signup members

  • Birthday Rewards : change of birthday's rewards/points or entitlements of members

If you want to learn more about your intended change, please contact our Customer Success team for guidance.

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