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Unsubscribe Link/Button - Journey
Unsubscribe Link/Button - Journey
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Here’s a quick glance at the member's and business's point of view upon clicking "unsubscribe".

Each unique link is generated specifically for an individual recipient. This ensures that the system can accurately track which member has unsubscribed or updated their preferences.

From the Member's Point of View Upon Clicking the Unsubscribe Link/Button:

Once a member clicks on "Confirm Unsubscribe," they will see a confirmation message indicating they have successfully unsubscribed from the business's emails. If they change their mind, they have the option to click "Undo" to resubscribe to the business's email communications.

From the Business's Point of View Upon Member Unsubscribing:

1. Under the respective member's profile, the "News & Promotions" button will be unchecked.

2. In the campaign that was sent out, the Engagement Report will show statistics on how many members unsubscribed from your updates based on the unsubscribe link in the EDM.

*Unsubscribed members will no longer be targeted for all EDMs moving forward.

The statistics on the number of unsubscribes also help the business analyze if they are sending newsletters too frequently and potentially spamming their subscribers. It is advisable to maintain an unsubscribe rate of 1% or lower.

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