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Member Web App/ Widget
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Member WebApp is a site that allows your members to view their member status, rewards, newsletter, etc. A widget is basically an icon version of Member WebApp that is located on a business' website.

Examples of WebApp:

Examples of Widget:

WebApp/ Widget will allow members to:

Where can a member view the WebApp?

  • On Mobile browser

When the Welcome SMS is triggered to the member, the url link in the SMS will direct them to their digital member card and WebApp site.

  • On Website within a widget

  1. For eCommerce / Shopping cart integration, there will be a widget icon shown on the lower right corner of the website; the Member WebApp will be displayed when clicked.

  2. Website widget can also be installed with Java Script manually to any standard website.

  • On Desktop website

  1. Member WebApp can be viewed directly using the standardised URL address, which is similar to: https://[BUSINESSNAME]

  2. Preferred URL [business-name] can be changed in Settings > Web App > Edit (on the top right). Please do not change it after your member program has launched as it will affect members who have already bookmarked their member card URL.

Note: If you would like to find out more about Member WebApp, feel free to check out the deck here

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