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Connecting Wordpress / WooCommerce with Eber
Connecting Wordpress / WooCommerce with Eber
Written by Joey Ng
Updated over a week ago

Do you run a Wordpress/ WooCommerce website? You can connect to Eber with just few simple steps.

Connecting your Wordpress/ WooCommerce store to Eber:

  • Login to > Channels > Stores > Add Integrations > Choose Wordpress/ Woocommerce > Enable > Settings > Add Store or Direct Integrations

  • Choose Wordpress/ Woocommerce > Name your Store > Next

  • Get Access Key > Copy

  • Login to Woocommerce Admin look up for "Eber" plugin

Alternatively, click this direct link to install the Eber plugin

  • Once you have installed Eber plugin, you will see the below in Eber Connect, Paste your access key to API key field

You have the option to enable/ disable the settings in Eber Connect based on your own preferences

If you have enabled "Display Widget", you will see your member widget appear in the lower right corner of your Wordpress/ WooCommerce website. Anyone who log into your Wordpress/ WooCommerce website will be automatically sign up to your member program default member tier.

What you need to know:

If you are having WooCommerce as an e-Commerce platform, purchases made with WooCommerce will be captured and points will be awarded automatically according to the settings of the order status in your Eber Connect where you can opt for points issuance upon "Order Completed" or "After Payment".

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