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Auto-Downgrade Non-Renewal Member
Auto-Downgrade Non-Renewal Member

Can my non-renewing members be automatically downgraded to non-paying tiers?

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Some businesses provide memberships that include exclusive perks and access to certain services. It is difficult to find and track expired members and update them using the dated method, and dealing with members that are unverified can be challenging for the storefront staff.

Aside from the spending and earning point conditions, Eber has enhanced to keep track of every membership expiry and auto-downgrade non-renewal members to non-paying tiers so that businesses do not lose out on the perks cost and storefront staff can do upsell in the event of a expired member's arrival.

This is an excellent tool for businesses that subscribed to Eber paid membership [Add-on Feature].

Loyalty > Membership > Settings > Auto Upgrade/Downgrade.

Under the "Auto Upgrade/Downgrade" tab, click [ + Create ] and you will be taken to a new page. From here, you can decide whether to set an upgrade and/or downgrade rule, as well as the rule's criteria and conditions.

To set an Auto Downgrade Rule for Non-Renewal Customers

1. From the dropdown list, select the paid member tier.

2. Select "Expiry Date", and "More than or equal to X days after expiry" next, enter 0 value before the "day".

3. Choose the member tier to downgrade to.

4. Hit [ Save ] to enable the auto downgrade rule. Done!

Optional :

  • If a downgraded member receives reward(s), select the "Reward" from dropdown list to trigger the reward(s).

  • If a downgraded member receives a point award, put the value in "Issue Points".

  • To notify the member, you can send an email (pre-setup in the Messaging feature) by tagging it under "Email Message".

  • You can also compose an SMS to notify a member under "SMS Message".

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