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Referral - Advance / Various Reward(s)
Referral - Advance / Various Reward(s)

How can I configure my referral reward for different tiers?

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Marketing > Referral.

(B) Various Reward(s)

(I) Upload your referral banner (maximum 1 image).

(II) By default, all newly created referral programmes are deactivated. You can enable the button if your referral system is ready to go live.

(III) You have the option of displaying a referral code column on the sign-up form for referee to key-in manually. Refer below for display example from webapp.

(IV) Fill out your "Program Name".

(V) In "Default Message," you can customize the message. When a member shares their referral link, this message will be delivered along with the link. Hit [ Save ].

(VI) On the same page, scroll down to "Rule" section, hit click on [ + Create ]. You will be led to a new page named "Referral / Create Rule".

(VII) In "Issue For", select who are you rewarding - Referral or Referee.

(VIII) Select how you want to reward your referral/referee. In terms reward(s) or points. Choose the reward from the "Reward" dropdown list (configured in Reward) or input the value in "Points".

(IX) In "Referee Member Tier", choose the tier you want to reward.

(X) Check "Only Issue When Spending" - If you would like to issue rewards/points only when referee spent. Click [ Save ],

(XI) Repeat step VI to X for every tiers.

*Please note these rules will override the default setup created in (A) General Reward(s), if any.


Display example from Webapp for item III "Referral Code".

In this example :

  • I am rewarding my Bronze referral 50 points, Silver referral 100 points and VIP referral 150 points (with purchase required from referee).

  • I am rewarding my referee 100 points, regardless of tiers.

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