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Q: I have two Shopify stores (on different websites). Can I run both stores under the same loyalty programme?

A: Yes, you can connect two different Shopify store to a single Eber account.

Q: I am using Shopify POS. Can I use the Store Group feature to support the point issuance for selected outlets function if I add-on from Eber?

A: The Store Group feature is good for station-based login. Shopify POS and its web-based login. As a result, you will be unable to fully utilise this feature. This is a Shopify limitation.

StoreApp can be used as a workaround to complete the transaction, but there is a limitation. Aside from manual work (staff to perform action on StoreApp and reconcile with POS posting), StoreAPP can only get the transaction amount and cannot identify the item product. Therefore, there will be no record of what the member purchased. We do not recommend this method.

Q : What happen if the orders are cancelled or refunded, will the points be automatically deducted?

A: If the order is cancelled/refunded in FULL, the points will be automatically deducted. If the order is partially refunded, the points need to be manually deducted.

Q : If a referee used a referral link to make a purchase and paid. The reward was given to the referrer. Later, the referee decided to cancel the transaction in accordance with our cancellation policy. Will the referral reward be withdrawn automatically?

A : No. If the referee cancels the purchase, the referral reward will not be deducted. You will need to manually deduct the point from the referral's account in this case.

The objective of the referral and referee programme is to grow your database. When a referral has completed his or her referral work, they will be rewarded. Depending on the business direction/cost of your reward , some will keep what was rewarded and use this opportunity to collect data, while others will proceed to adjust out the point from the referral account.

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