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Customized Roles [Add-on Feature]
Customized Roles [Add-on Feature]

Need a more dynamic role access?

Written by Joey Ng
Updated over a week ago

Customized roles are designed specifically for businesses that have a larger team member or department performing dual functions. This allows you to grant your team member access with just a few clicks.

Settings > Team > Roles.

Creating a new customized Role

1. Click on your logo at the bottom left corner in Eber admin portal > Settings > Team > Roles.

2. Click on [ + Create ].

3. Name your Role > Choose the function from the dropdown list > Select the type of access you want to grant/block - Full Access (editable), Read-Only or Blocked > Save. Done.

Once the customized Role has been created, it will take effect immediately and be available for use when creating new team member accounts.

Edit customized Role

Need to modify the function or access of a specific customized role? You can click

on the [ Pencil ] icon and click [ Save ] when you are finished editing.

Note: All created customized role cannot be removed. If you no longer required that role, simply avoid from assigning any team members to it.

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