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What is Okendo?

Okendo is a tool that offers everything a brand needs to capture and showcase product ratings, reviews, photos/videos, UGC, Q&A, feedback. Okendo is an Official Google Reviews partner.

What does the integration do?

Reward customers with loyalty points after leaving a review.

How to connect Okendo to Eber?

Step 1

Install Okendo on your Shopify - https://apps.shopify.com/okendo-reviews

Step 2

Find your Business ID and API key in the 'Eber admin' page here.

Step 3

Enter the Business ID and API key in the Okendo settings page- https://reviews.okendo.io/admin/#/rewards

Step 4

Define the points to be issued after a review is shared by customers.


If this is your first time setting up Okendo, please enable the Okendo widget in the Shopify and Okendo theme. Please refer to Okendo Help Center here- https://support.okendo.io/en/articles/5808556-integrating-eber-with-okendo

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