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Enhance your newsletter experience with personalization!

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Eber comes with a free EDM feature that allows businesses to stay in touch with their members. While this isn't Eber's core feature, its strength lies in the capability to be more personalized and time-saving.

Imagine receiving an EDM where the business addresses you with the correct salutation and your name, updates you on your loyalty point balance, provides a point summary, or directs you to your rewards and gift cards.

You can create a single email template that can be used for multiple recipients. This saves time and effort as you don't need to manually customize each email, reducing errors and ensuring the content is formatted correctly. This approach helps maintain a professional and cohesive appearance across all your communications.

You can access the placeholder library by dragging and dropping a text box onto your email template. This action initiates more text action box options, including access to the placeholder library.

"Value" serves as the actual placeholder. Clicking "Insert" will instantly add the placeholder to your design, allowing you to remember which placeholder you used.

Here's an example:

It's important to note that the text placeholder will only work if the data you wish to pull and display in the EDM is collected in your program. For example, if you want to address a member by their first name, you need to ensure that you are collecting the first name from "Profile Fields." Otherwise, the EDM will show as empty in the placeholder you inserted.

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