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Test sending SMSes or EDMs
Test sending SMSes or EDMs

Test sending keeps your brand looking professional and reliable.

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Testing your EDMs before sending them out to members is really important for your brand. It helps ensure everything looks good and works as expected. This way, you can catch any mistakes or problems before they reach your members, which keeps your brand looking professional and reliable.

If you've finished composing your SMS or designing your EDM and are ready to send it out without using placeholders, you can simply use the "Save & Test" button to send out a normal SMS or EDM.

If your SMS or EDM contains placeholders, the "Save & Test" method won't work because the placeholders need to pull data from specific members to fill up the placeholders in your design. This includes the member's email to send the content out.

In this case, you can send the SMS or EDM to yourself and view it from your inbox to ensure the data is displaying accurately. This allows you to verify that the placeholders are correctly populated with the member's data before sending the message to your entire recipient list.

It's important to note that all SMS test sending will still incur charges. Therefore, ensure that you are mindful of this when testing SMS messages, even if they are being sent to yourself for verification purposes.

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