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Uploading Discount Code to Eber
Uploading Discount Code to Eber
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You will learn how to upload your discount codes (pre-generated) from your sales platform into Eber backend.

Shopify auto generated discount code setup

If you are setting up Shopify discount codes, refer to Auto generated discount code for use in Shopify article here.

1. Generate discount codes from your sales platform (WooCommerce, etc.) or any other discount code generator but remember to follow the format below:

  • csv file must be save under Comma Separated Values(.csv)

  • Add "Code" on the first column of the discount code sheet

2. Log into your Eber admin account (

3. Go to Loyalty > Rewards > click on the Pencil icon in front of the reward name

Creating Rewards

To learn more about creating rewards, refer to our Creating Rewards article.

4. Go to Integrations / Codes tab. Select unique_codes and Import. Click Save.

5. Re-select the same reward, go back to Integrations / Codes tab and click Manage Discount Code.

6. Upload the discount codes file saved in Step 1.

A: Click to upload file
โ€‹B: Tap "Import Codes"

Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 10.31.45 AM

7. Refresh your page to view the uploaded discount codes.

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