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Is there a quick way I can check my programme stats?

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Eber is capable of segmenting your members based on their activities in your programme.

With the right customised dashboard, you can not only understand your business trend, but also identify new/regular, and dormant members, it also provides you with a snapshot of your members' spending power by segment, as well as the most/least popular product(s), all in a glance for your quick view and action.

Insight > Dashboard.

To explore and customized this, go to Insight > Dashboard > [ Customized Dashboards ].

Notes :

  1. Please remember to update your date parameter to ensure you get the correct view.

  2. Please note that if you opt for data import while subscribing to our service, your year-to-date data may not be accurate because we may have imported a data record for years and captured it as one day.


Meanwhile, feel free to segment your members based on your business needs, so you could target them using our "segment" function in/via email and SMS to keep them with you longer.

To change the days, go to Loyalty > Membership > Settings > Consumer Segmentation > Changed no. of days > Save. Done.

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