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Points Rule Overview
Points Rule Overview

What is points rule all about?

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Consider rewarding members who match certain criteria and/or within some special occasion? Yes, Eber can do it as well!

Eber is the expert when it comes to rewarding members in a variety of ways. Point Rules are used by businesses to override the default structure for specific conditions, or to provide additional rewards for purchases made within a specific time period. Some highly popular yet common settings are performed here, including:

  • Overriding the existing default point for various tiers.

  • Overriding the existing default birthday point award at various tiers.

  • Reward for spending over a certain period of time - Weekend/Weekday.

  • Rewards for a single product alone (for integrated businesses only).

And much more!

For further information, see the "Points Rule" articles. It will be updated from time to time. If you have ideas but are unsure how to execute them, please contact Customer Success team for guidance.

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