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What type of rewards I can create?

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After completion of membership tiering and points/stamps, rewards are awarded. Member that spend money at your business earn points/stamps. So, what are the points/stamps for?

In exchange for reward(s)!

Whether it is a zero-point reward (free) or a reward redeemable with points, Eber offers a choice of reward types to meet the objectives of your programme. This article will provide you a brief overview of what and how the reward appears for better reward creation planning.



Viewing in Webapp

Standard Reward

On-going or recurring perks for redemption.

Members can redeem as long as they have enough points for redemption and do not exceed the maximum amount specified.

Visible by all

Welcome Reward

To entice new members to join sign-up your membership programme.

Automatically triggered to "My Reward" tab whenever there is a new member sign-up.

Not visible to existing members.

Birthday/Anniversary Reward

To make your members feels they are remembered.

Automatically triggered to "Discover" tab when member's birthday/anniversary is approaching. Member need to claim to use.

Not visible to non-birthday/anniversary members.

Event-Triggered Reward

To reward when your member's purchase condition matches, or to extend service recovery.

Automatically triggered to "My Reward" tab.


Need to trigger reward manually? Refer here

Other specific reward types, such as referral rewards, can be found here.

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