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Triggering Reward

How to send reward(s) manually to members?

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*This access is limited to the Admin/Owner role only.

Rewards will be automatically triggered with the right configuration. However, in some cases, such as VIP of the day, service recovery or some other special occasions, some businesses may be happy to go beyond and above by extending special/extra reward(s).

This article will show how to trigger the reward manually in 5 easy steps:

1. Navigate to "People" and search for the specific member.

2. Select member and then tap [ More Details ].

3. You will be directed to the member's profile, click to the "Rewards" tab and hit [ + Add ].

4. From the drop down menu, select the reward you want to send to the member.

5. Press the [ Submit ] button, you're done!

Optional: To notify your member about the reward you have triggered, simply check the notify member box. Remember to configure the activity messages as well.


The newly triggered reward will now be displayed in the member's profile.

The reward is now visible in Webapp to the member under the "My Reward" tab.

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