A tiered loyalty programme is a type of membership programme in which customers receive various benefits based on their rank. This is where you may quickly configure your program's tiering.

There are two parts to setup:

Part 1: Membership Cover Setup

Part 2: Set Membership Restrictions and Assign Rewards(s)

Important: Eber is integrated into a wide range of systems. As a result, some of the functions displayed on the screen may not be applicable to you. Unless otherwise instructed by your Customer Success Manager, the following guide is applicable for all standard subscriptions.

Loyalty > Membership.

Part 1 - Membership Cover Setup

(I) On the top right side, click [ + Add New Tier ].

(II) In the new diverted page, this is where you input your membership tier informations :

  • Upload your membership card image.

  • Enter your membership tier in "Name"

  • Hit [ Save ]

Part 2 - Set Membership Restrictions and Assign Rewards(s)

After completing Part 1, you will be redirected to the "Overview" page, where you will be able to see the newly created tier. We may now proceed to set the restriction and assign rewards, if any.

Click the [ Edit ] button to the newly created tier > You will now see 2 tabs on top - "General" and "Loyalty and Reward".


The page may seem slightly different from the initially cover setup; no action is required, except for "Age Limit" and "Allow Registration on StoreApp", if it applicable to your business.

(a) Age Limit

If your business has an age restriction (e.g., F&B, Wine and liquor shop) and you want to restrict a specific age group, you can set the minimum and maximum age here. age.

(b) Allow Registration on StoreApp

All created tiers will be displayed in StoreApp by default. However, if you have a specific tier (for example, VIP), you can select [No] so that this tier is not accessible or that your storefront staff does not accidentally upgrade your customer.

"Loyalty and Reward"

This is where you can configure when your members' points will expire while also automating what rewards are sent to your clients when they sign up or on their birthday.

(a) Loyalty

Your member's point expiry can be set in two ways: by days (90/180/365 days) or by months (3/6/9/12 months). You may also specify a specific day for the system to run by using the month option. For example, 12 months, 1st of the month: Any sign-ups made on January 23rd, 2023 will only be valid until February 24th, 2024.

(b) For New Member & (c) For Renewal Members

There are three ways to reward your newly sign-up/renewal customers: by points, welcome rewards and store card.

Initial Points : Rewards customer by points. Points can be redeemed for rewards offered by your business at a later stage.

Enter the desired amount of points to reward into "Initial Points", and customers who sign up after that will receive it immediately.

Welcome Rewards : Rewards customer by voucher. Discounted vouchers that can be used immediately or on merchandise (door gift, drinks etc).

You must pre-setup your reward(s) here and assign to "Welcome Rewards" for it to take effect.

Store Card Package [Add-on Feature] : Frequently tied with paid membership. Trigger a store card to customer, with the card featuring a variety of benefits. For further information, please contact your Sales Consultant.

You must pre-setup your store card here and assign to "Store Card Package" for it to take effect.

(d) For Birthday Member

There are two ways to reward birthday members: reward without spending and reward after spending (you can run both reward if you like). This setting is meant for reward without spending.

You can reward your customers by giving them points so they will spend or use the points (in addition to what they already have) to redeem something at your place.

Enter the desired number of points to be rewarded under "Birthday Points," and then set when they will get this reward. E.g. "Days before birthday, 0" indicates that the 50 points will be rewarded to the birthday member only on the actual birthday.

Businesses frequently offer welcome rewards to entice customers to sign up or birthday rewards to show that they remember their customers. Rewards (whether in the form of points or merchandise) is good to have but not mandatory. You can opt to give one reward, all types of rewards, or none at all. The decision is entirely dependent on your business strategy.

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